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They say necessity is the mother of invention, and this was certainly the case with the creation of the UV Wraps 'n' Straps concept 6 years ago.

My name is Peter Linane and after spending 20 odd years on building sites I realised there was a definite opening for someone to come up with a flexible and stylish range of safety sunglasses through hardware stores.

In 1999 I decided to make a move on this opportunity but a chance meeting with Gavin Reid from Tropical Coolers led to the idea of adding a neoprene strap to them, and so the final UV Wrap 'n' Strap concept was born in March 2000.

It soon became apparent that the straps were "walking billboards" sitting on the back of the wearers head right at eye level - an ideal spot for a brand, business name, or promotional message - and within months UV Wrap 'n' Strap moved into the promotional market offering custom printed straps.

By combining our high quality imported sun and safety glasses, promotional neoprene straps and eye catching point of sale display stands, we now supply over 1000 outlets throughout Australia.

Our retail network includes hardware stores, DIY outlets, souvenir retailers and fishing tackle shops, but we also have a strong client base amongst customers looking to purchase their own promotional stock for product launches, trade shows, or just company brand re-enforcement tools. To date these have included paint manufacturers, medical supply companies, engineering firms, telecommunications companies, and motor dealerships, to name just a few.

If you are providing your staff with sunglasses or safety glasses anyway, why not have them do some advertising for you as well. Kit them out with custom printed UV Wraps 'n' Straps!

In the past few years we've also embarked on an expansion program into overseas markets and now have 200 outlets in New Zealand and 500 (so far) in the USA.

At very competitive wholesale prices we are able to supply a full package deal of fashion sun glasses and safety glasses, custom printed neoprene straps, and a display stand.

The customer still gets a reasonably priced pair of safety glasses or sunglasses with the bonus of a free strap that keeps the glasses hanging around the neck, ready for use, and protecting them from damage.

All of our our glasses are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship, and comply with the sun protection and safety requirements set by Standards Australia, Standards New Zealand, and ANSI in the USA.

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