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Our product range falls into four categories:

UV400 Sunglasses

Our sunglasses are made with both polycarbonate and metal frames, and are fitted with high performance acrylic UV400 lenses. While keeping up with the latest designs styles and modern colors, these glasses still meet all standards specified by US ANSI Standard Z87.

Polarised Sunglasses

Created mainly for the sporting and fishing markets, our polarised range is ideal for when sun glare is a problem. Mainly wrap-around polycarbonate frames combined with extra-sturdy polarised lenses, these glasses are made with active lifestyles in mind.

Safety Glasses

Featuring 100% polycarbonate frames and lenses with robust metal hinges, our safety glass range provide robust eye protection and/or glare reduction. The polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant and shatterproof and comply with both the UV protection and impact requirements set by US ANSI Standard Z87. By working closely with our manufacturers and creating our own unique designs we have developed a safety range that is both durable and fashionable.

Reading Glasses

Supplied with a string rather than a strap for more practical wearing, our all-metal reading frames are equipped with spring hinges for extra comfort. Available in 5 different strengths ranging from X1 to X3 magnification, these glasses are an affordable alternative to more expensive designer frames. While complying with Australian standards for reading glasses, we recommend our magnified readers are used as mainly your "spare pair" for occasional use. Prescription glasses are better suited for long term use.

UV Wraps Sports Edition - NEW

The ultimate in both safety and style! These custom designed frames offer the wearer great looks and comfortable fit, whilst meeting all of the necessary Safety Standards as required by ANSI Z87. Coming complete with a free neoprene neck strap, these glasses are competitively priced to please both tradesmen and the general public alike.

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